We are passionate about doing things right

How We Work

  • Clarification of purpose and purpose
    We always focus on why.
    We agonize endlessly to clarify our purpose and work properly.
    We work with a focus on direction, not speed.
  • Setting high goals
    We set high-level goals that are unattainable.
    The world has been revolutionized by people who set high goals.
    We set and realize goals that can change the world.
  • Establishment of specific strategy
    We establish a detailed strategy. We set specific to-dos and deadlines, and we act based on them.
  • Extreme effort
    When someone asks, "Is this the best?", we try hard enough to answer "It's the best." We work extremely hard to achieve our goals based on trial and error.
  • Make an emergency
    We are not ashamed of our own incompetence or negligence. When something doesn't go according to plan, call for an "emergency." We do not work alone, we solve problems together.


Flexible work environment
Flexible work environment

We realize an autonomous and flexible organizational
culture through the ‘nim’ title system and flexible working hours.
Through this, employees can demonstrate their creativity
and immerse themselves in their work, regardless of titles or fixed work hours.

Horizontal naming system
At idsTrust, employees are called equally horizontally.
It is a culture where opinions are shared horizontally with each other regardless of position.
Flexible work system
Employees themselves determine their commute times.
This enables efficient time management for each individual
and realizes an autonomous and flexible organizational culture.
Various opportunities for growth
Various opportunities for growth

We operate the Career Development Program (CDP) so that our employees can gain various work experiences and grow. In addition, by setting OKRs twice a year, we support employees to achieve high goals and focus on the essence of work.

It is a system that allows you to move to another department at your request after a certain period of work.
Through this offer, you can try other jobs based on your capabilities.
We set measurable and specific goals through our Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) plan twice a year. OKR's nurturing feedback is conducted and employees are developed.
Fair Evaluation and Reasonable Compensation
Fair Evaluation and Reasonable Compensation

Any high-performing employee can become a leader.
We discover talented employees through fair
evaluation and motivate them
through proper compensation.
we operate the 'Job level system'.

Job level system
We evaluate our employees fairly regardless of age, gender or nationality. Employees are assigned jobs appropriate to their capabilities, and additional compensation is provided as a result of evaluation.


  • Rest and work can be ,[object Object], chosen autonomously
    Rest and work can be
    chosen autonomously
    • Operation of a flexible commute system
    • Summer vacation (4 days) separately granted
    • Operation of early leave system for birthdays
    • Free use of vacation
  • You can immerse yourself ,[object Object], in your work
    You can immerse yourself
    in your work
    • Operation of sleeping and resting areas
    • HO/Han river, etc. Free smart office system operation
    • Support for lunch and dinner expenses and operating employee discount mall
    • Child rearing support (scholarship support/kindergarten operation)
  • We support you ,[object Object], to grow towards the best
    We support you
    to grow towards the best
    • Support for educational expenses
    • Monthly feedback progress
    • In-house library operation
    • Operation of cyber training center
  • We support welfare ,[object Object], for health and happiness
    We support welfare
    for health and happiness
    • Comprehensive health checkup support
    • Refresh Accommodation Program Support (Healience)
    • Support for birthday celebrations and condolence expenses
    • Healience Core Center exercise program support
idsTrust's welfare details
  • In-house convenience store
    In-house convenience store
    Various snacks and stationery are available
    at discounted prices at convenience stores.
  • In-house cafe
    In-house cafe
    All employees can use it at a discounted price.
    It can be used for relaxation as well as for meetings.
  • Communication lounge
    Communication lounge
    In addition to the work space, you can freely communicate
    in a lounge that is separately prepared.
  • Focus room
    Focus room
    It is always available when you need to focus on your work
    or when you need to work in your personal space.
  • Employee exercise program
    Employee exercise program
    We take responsibility for the health of our employees
    by supporting group and individual workouts.
  • Refresh Accommodation Program
    Refresh Accommodation Program
    We provide refresh coupons twice
    a year to our employees.
  • In-house kindergarten
    In-house kindergarten
    Employees with children can leave their
    children at kindergarten during business hours.
  • In-house library
    In-house library
    You can borrow any book you want,
    regardless of whether it is a paper book or an e-book.
  • Han River office
    Han River office
    We operate a dock where you can work
    while looking at the Han River.
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