e - HR

A system that enhances the efficiency of HR management, e-HR

What is e-HR?

e-HR is an HR system optimized for the characteristics of the company

Strategic HR management is possible and work efficiency/productivity is improved.
In addition, it has the advantage of being able to implement additional functions suitable for each company's HR environment.

It provides a highly satisfactory HR system, focusing on essential functions.

e-HR can implement all the major functions required for HR management.


Key features

User-customized UI

By providing a user-friendly UI personnel record card, etc.,
employee convenience in using the system is improved.

  • Personnel eecord card

    Personnel eecord card

  • Vacation application (calendar)

    Vacation application (calendar)

Reduction of employee response time

Employees use the system directly, reducing the time
for human resources managers to respond to employee inquiries.

  • Application for proof

    Application for proof

  • Fringe benefits

    Fringe benefits

Easy to manage performance and training

You can manage your performance through a work log,
and it is easy to track records of internal and external training.

  • Work(performance) log

    Work(performance) log

  • Education status

    Education status

Expected effects

Expected effects of using e-HR

e-HR can be provided in a customized form according to each company's personnel system and environment.
Accordingly, each company's HR regulations can be maintained through the system.
In addition, we guarantee work efficiency/use organization through our know-how.

  • Improved convenience
    Improved convenience

    Ease of use of the HR system for employees is improved.

  • Maintain HR values
    Maintain HR values

    It is possible to implement functions customized to company HR regulations.

  • Increase work efficiency
    Increase work efficiency

    HR managers spend less time on repetitive employee inquiries.

  • Reduce simple tasks
    Reduce simple tasks

    Reduce simple tasks such as HR data extraction.