All-in-one groupware optimized for corporate business, SMART RUNNER


SMART RUNNER realizes smart work
based on 'collaboration' and 'communication' functions

SMART RUNNER is a business collaboration tool and all-in-one groupware solution that helps companies communicate smoothly.
Based on NAVER's NAVER WORKS, it was created by integrating work portal, electronic approval, and team place.
You can experience the evolved Smart Work through SMART RUNNER, a business tool optimized for the work environment.

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Why idsTrust?

Why do you need SMART RUNNER?

  • 'Employees say
    it is difficult to adapt to
    new collaboration tools.'

  • 'Working as a personal messenger,
    I was worried about
    the security of the company's assets.'

  • 'I want to be able to
    communicate smoothly
    between employees anytime, anywhere.'

  • 'As work communication
    and data continue
    to accumulate, I hope
    the capacity is sufficient.'

  • 'I would like to be able to
    use it in conjunction
    with other business systems.'

When working at a company, we sometimes face uncomfortable moments due to difficult communication or work systems.
SMART RUNNER minimizes those moments and supports easy collaboration.

Why idsTrust's SMART RUNNER?

  • Familiar Usability
    Anyone can easily adapt to the work environment with the same composition as NAVER UI
  • Global optimization
    Easy global collaboration with 16 in-house global IDCs and high-quality Korean translation
  • Easy communication through mobile
    Anytime, anywhere, e-mail, message, e-approval processing, etc.
  • Strong security
    Domestic and foreign security certifications and global-level strong security functions
  • System linkage
    Minimize repetitive work by linking with ERP, HR system, etc.
  • Continuous product advancement
    Periodic feature improvement updates in line with the latest user-oriented trends
  • E-approval optimized for work
    Electronic approval optimized with 20 years of construction know-howSecuring linkage with other organizations by interlocking document distribution
  • Group business collaboration
    Business collaboration is possible through integrated operation between group companies

Main functions

  • Mail
    Global TOP CLASS level security and spam blocking functionPAPAGO engine automatic translation function optimized for global business
    Batch confirmation of processing tasks such as e-mailQuickly check notices in the form of a bulletin boardPossible to set portlet by company and portlet by individual
    Share business contents and data in group message roomsMulti-party voice and video call, PC mobile screen sharing
    Electronic approval
    Intuitive UI and UX environment optimized for business processesCheck unapproved documents in real timeSupport for distribution of official documents
  • Calender
    A screen that shows schedules by team and group at a glanceAutomatically recommend meeting times for all attendees
    Notice board
    Setting up a bulletin board suitable for each group company's purposeSetting bulletin board authority by company/department/individualPossible to add a header to improve post readability
    Address book
    An address book where you can check the organization structure of the companyCreate and manage groups such as projects and TFs
    Team place
    Creating a teamplace that fits the project purposeSeparate schedule/survey/bulletin board for each team placeLinked to NAVER WORKS schedule
  • Drive
    Massive storage space of up to 1TB per personSimple and secure link sharing (password and OTP authentication)
    Reservation status for each resource can be checked in real timeSetting resource permissions by company/department/individualLinked to NAVER WORKS schedule
    24/7 monitoring and log tracking by setting various policiesSet service authority for each member (setting the use of functions for each menu)
    Easily respond to surveys on mobileSurvey registration with various options such as image formatResponses can be modified during the survey period after completing the survey

Expected effects

Expected effects of using SMART RUNNER

Feel the change in the way you work anytime, anywhere
with SMART RUNNER, an all-in-one collaboration tool.

  • Enables quick information sharing by using bot notifications for new hires
    Enables quick information sharing by using bot notifications for new hires
  • Mobile push notifications enable convenient work from outside
    Mobile push notifications enable convenient work from outside
  • By creating a group of project members, it is easy to manage common documents
    By creating a group of project members, it is easy to manage common documents
  • Quick meeting anywhere with screen sharing function
    Quick meeting anywhere with screen sharing function

Price information

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