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We will be the best SAP partner to achieve your business goals

SAP Consulting refers to a set of professional services provided by SAP and its partners to help businesses implement, optimize and maintain SAP software solutions.
If SAP ERP is introduced, companies can expect improvements in work productivity and efficiency so that they can organically manage a series of management activities such as finance, personnel, and production.

Through idsTrust's own SAP implementation project, we will implement SAP deployment that is most suitable for the customer's environment and needs.
We will properly design the entire process from deployment to maintenance to ensure that you get the most out of your SAP solution and achieve your business goals.


We support all processes for stable SAP implementation

For successful SAP introduction, we collect customer-specific requirements, check related issues, and conduct quality control for outputs at each stage.
We introduce SAP optimized for the business and support the entire process from start to finish.

  • 01Optimization

    Delivery of SAP ServiceChange Request Management

  • 02Implementation

    SAP Method & ToolsWBS, Work ContentsProceduresTemplates

  • 03Operation

    Solution MonitoringService DeskRoot Cause Analysis

  • Schedule management
    Inspect schedules and deadlines for each stageProgress management of the entire project/team unit
  • Issue/risk management
    Issue/risk definition, classification system establishmentEstablishment of a process for issue occurrence
  • Establishment of a process for issue occurrence
    Quality Assurance for Phased OutputsVerification of performance based on project methodology
  • Meeting operation
    Weekly report and executive reportIssue meeting and key decision making
  • Scope management
    Scope change management during project start and midwayScope Management Principles and Procedure Management
  • Configuration management
    Configuration management for step-by-step products and processesConfiguration management for S/4HANA development program

Why idsTrust?

Why idsTrust's SAP Consulting Services?

  • Synergistic effect
    We can build SAP ERP and own pharmaceutical IT solutions (POP/LIMS/EDMS/QMS) together.
  • Excellent GMP responsiveness
    We have a high understanding of GMP through regular GMP training.
  • IT solution operation know-how
    We have accumulated know-how of operating IT solutions in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years.
  • Registered as a Global Best Practice
    In 2019, the D Pharmaceutical S/4HANA construction case was listed as an SAP Global Best Practice.
  • Benchmarking of pharmaceutical industry-specific solutions
    Benchmarking can help you better understand pharmaceutical processes and IT solutions.
  • IT total service provision
    We can supply pharmaceutical solutions and all types of SAP licenses.
  • SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCOE) Certification
    Acquired SAP qualification (SAP HANA, A1, Analytics, DB) certification in the SAP Professional Partner Center.
  • Have experienced personnel
    We work with skilled personnel with extensive experience in pharmaceutical IT systems.
  • Stable maintenance
    Short-term takeover of maintenance personnel and stable service are possible.
  • Transfer of know-how in the pharmaceutical industry
    We can transfer the actual know-how of the pharmaceutical indus

Here are Key features of idsTrust's SAP Consulting

SAP consulting specialized in the digital healthcare industry

idsTrust is a company specializing in IT consulting/solutions for the pharmaceutical and bio industries.
Based on a high level of understanding of the industry, idsTrust supports the establishment of successful SAP introduction and operation strategies for clients.

  • High level of business understanding
    High level of business understanding
    We have high professional knowledge and
    technology specialized in the
    pharmaceutical/healthcare industry.
  • Provided by one platform
    Provided by one platform
    We have high professional knowledge and
    technology specialized in the
    pharmaceutical/healthcare industry.
  • Experts in related fields
    Experts in related fields
    We organize an organization with experts
    who have experience in IT system construction consulting
    and development for pharmaceutical companies.
  • Verified solution
    Verified solution
    We provide proven solutions with references.
    We provide Total Solution/Service
    from construction to operation.
Possession of pharmaceutical and bio solutions linked with SAP

Through the provision of S/W packages of our own pharmaceutical IT solutions (POP/LIMS/EDMS/QMS),
Save time and money by reducing the need for customers to review other companies' products.

전체 시스템 현황 표
SAP project global success story certification

idsTrust built SAP S/4HANA with new technologies such as SAP Fiori, PA, RPA, and GxP in Daewoong Group.
As a result, idsTrust was recognized for its ability as an excellent SAP project global success story that led Daewoong Group's company-wide business innovation.

SAP 프로젝트 Global 성공 사례 인증표